Spanish in Spain / Visit Spain

Interfamily Idiomas is an agency that helps students to learn and practice a language while living with a native family.

We offer the student the possibility to share a period of time living with a private family (English or Spanish) located in the South of Spain.

We have chosen Andalucia to offer the students the treasures of our region: sun, beach, well as our historical background and traditions. Our area is also well communicated. These are advantages for students to enjoy the stay at the same time that they learn and practice English or Spanish.

Children from 10 and adults with a minimum knowledge of the language can participate in this program.

Interfamily Idiomas selects the native family according to the student needs (in case of children, we look for families with children of similar age). We also follow the satisfaction of both parts after the program.

Student must behave and participate in housework. They must do their bedroom.

Student must participate in all activities the family takes part. These extra activities have to be paid by the student.

We also offer the possibility to visit Spain in a different way. Share 6 days living with a Spanish family. They will show you the main closer city. They will tell you what to visit and will take you to the best places that are not included in any tourist guide: the best bars, the best views, the best shopping…You will be part of their home and their live for a few days and you will see our live style. It is a great experience you will not ever forget. You will have a “personal guide” during your stay and a friendship forever.