Interfamiliy Idiomas chose host families according to the needs of each student and depending on whether it is a child or an adult. Students from 10 to 18, are hosted with families who have children of similar ages.

Families wishing to accommodate students have to contact with Interfamily Idiomas and from there we begin a detailed selection process by completing a form and personal interviews.

Interfamily Idiomas then checks that the details provided by the host family regarding personal characteristics, household services, geographic location and social environment benefits correspond to those the organization wants to offer.

The stay with the host family is full board. The student has to go to the native family home. In exceptional cases, the host family offers to go to the airport or train or bus station to pick him/her up.

Interfamily Idiomas is in constant contact with the family during the stay. There is a telephone number and other communications permanently open to communicate any eventuality that may arise.